The Beautiful Girls: Spooks

The Beautiful Girls: Spooks
Title: Spooks
Label: Imports

2010 release, the fourth album from the Reggae-influenced Australian trio. The exotic passion that stirs the souls of Mat McHugh and his rhythm compadres, Paulie B and Bruce Braybrooke, begins to drip like some rare and potent elixir from the opening beats of Spooks. The rich production and stylistic threads run deep, pure and almost mystically familiar; albeit a world apart from the ubiquitous Bob Marley borrowings of the Australian summer festival scene.

1.1 Spooks
1.2 My Mind Is An Echo Chamber
1.3 10:10
1.4 Home/Family
1.5 Running
1.6 After All This Time
1.7 Gratitude
1.8 Don't Wait
1.9 B Some Melody
1.10 Rockers! (Downtown Upstyling)
1.11 My Latest Mistake

The Beautiful Girls: Spooks

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