The Berzerker

The Berzerker: Animosity

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Artist: The Berzerker

Artist: The Berzerker
Title: Animosity

Limited Edition two CD pressing of the 2007 release from the controversial and mysterious Australian Death Metal/Grindcore band featuring a bonus live disc recorded live in London in December of 2006. This 20 track bonus disc features classic Berserker tracks, one new song 'Heavily Medicated' plus Morbid Angel and Carcass cover versions. The Berserker are the only band to adeptly marry the basics of old school grind with distinctly current technology. Animosity continues their destructive tradition bringing 10 more tracks of caustic technological grind in their most intense and violent outing yet! Earache. 2007.

1.1 Eye for An Eye
1.2 Purgatory
1.3 False Hope
1.4 Evolution
1.5 No More Reasons
1.6 Retribution
1.7 Cancer
1.8 Weapons of War
1.9 Heavily Medicated
1.10 Lonely World
1.11 Intro
1.12 Forever
1.13 Compromise
1.14 Principles ; Practices of Enbalming
1.15 "Y"
1.16 Never Hated More
1.17 World of Tomorrow
1.18 Disregard
1.19 All About You
1.20 Cannibal Rites
1.21 Heavily Medicated
1.22 Burnt
1.23 After Life
1.24 Chapel of Cghoulds
1.25 Pure Haterd
1.26 Deform
1.27 No- One Wins
1.28 Death Reveals
1.29 Reality
1.30 Committed to Nothing
1.31 Corporal Jigsore Quandary

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