The Bevis Frond

The Bevis Frond: New River Head

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Bevis Frond

Artist: The Bevis Frond
Title: New River Head
Product Type: VINYL LP

Double vinyl LP pressing including digital download. Digitally remastered and expanded edition. New River Head is the second studio album and seventh full length release which is widely regarded as the finest. ‘The Miskatonic Variations II’ is a 17-minute psychedelic noise rock odyssey with exhilarating guitar solos and features guest vocals from Current 93’s David Tibet. ‘Undertaker’ and ‘Chinese Burn’ bursts with garage-rock and ‘Waving’ delves more into British folk-rock territory. “The perfect point of entry into his catalogue” (Popmatters). “Within such an impressive body of work, New River Head is certainly the crown jewel. One of the headier agglomerations of the past decade, it’s non-grasping pace and epic palette issue the breezy confidence of an unmistakable classic” Pitchfork.

1.1 Intro
1.2 White Sun
1.3 Drowned
1.4 She's Entitled to
1.5 Waving
1.6 Down in the Well
1.7 New River Head
1.8 Solar Marmalade
1.9 Wild Jack Hammer
1.10 He'd Be a Diamond
1.11 Undertaker
1.12 Stain on the Sun
1.13 It Won't Come Again
1.14 Blurred Vision
1.15 Son of Many Mothers
1.16 God Speed You to Earth
2.1 Motherdust
2.2 Cuvie
2.3 Chinese Burn
2.4 Thankless Task
2.5 The Miskatonic Variations II
2.6 Snow
2.7 My Little Empire
2.8 Cracked Universe
2.9 Stain on the Sun (Demo)
2.10 Ageing Freak
2.11 Drowned (Demo)
2.12 Son of Many Mothers
2.13 Heavy on You
2.14 High in a Flat

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