The Blood Stones

The Blood Stones: About Time

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Artist: The Blood Stones
Title: About Time

With a mixture of funky, classic "Pink Floyd meets The Greatful Dead" rock and down home, emotional "The Rolling Stones meet Lynyrd Skynyrd" blues, comes The Bloodstones band with their first release, "About Time". The Bloodstones seek to unveil the soul of rock and roll behind to soaring guitar riffs of front man Tommy Blood and the intricate finger kickin' rhythms with full power voice of keyboardist Brian Huckstep. Rounding out this perfectionist foursome is Chicago native Paul Gildersleeve on one of his many bass guitars and Bob Dolle power drumming keeping it all together.

1.1 Finale
1.2 Yesterday Morning
1.3 Two Timing Woman
1.4 My Ride
1.5 Slow Down
1.6 Nobody Loves You Like I Do
1.7 My Blues
1.8 Jenny
1.9 Demons Cast Out

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