The Blues Band

The Blues Band: Big Blues Band Live Album

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Artist: The Blues Band

Artist: The Blues Band
Title: Big Blues Band Live Album

1.1 Flatfoot Sam
1.2 Find Yourself Another Fool
1.3 The Duisberg Blues
1.4 I Can't Tell It All
1.5 I'm Lounging for You Baby
1.6 Bob's Boogie
1.7 Down to the River
1.8 Fat City
1.9 Hallelujah I Love Her So
1.10 Cold Emotions
1.11 Killing Me By Degrees
1.12 Back Door Man
2.1 Big Fine Girl
2.2 Might As Well Be Me
2.3 So Lonely
2.4 Someday Baby
2.5 Treat Her Right
2.6 I Can't Be Satisfied
2.7 The Bad Boy
2.8 So Bad
2.9 Talk to Me Baby

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