The Blues Band

The Blues Band: Wire Less

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Blues Band

Title: Wire Less
Label: Repertoire

1.1 San Francisco Bay Blues
1.2 T. Nicey Mama
1.3 Sittin on Top of the World
1.4 Room and Board
1.5 D-Day Blues
1.6 I Can't Stand the Rain
1.7 Withering the Picks
1.8 Sweet Temptation
1.9 Stealin Stealin
1.10 Stranger Blues
1.11 Jitterbug Swing
1.12 Told No Lies
1.13 Alimony Blues
1.14 Key to the Highway
1.15 Frankie Jean
1.16 I'm Not Ashamed to Sing the Blues
1.17 They're Crazy About Me
1.18 Too Young to Know

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