The Book of Knots

The Book of Knots: Traineater

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Artist: The Book of Knots
Title: Traineater

This NY-based studio collective consists of Mathias Bossi, Joel Hamilton, Tony Maimone and Carla Kihlstedt. With guests Carla Bozulich, Megan Reilly, Jon Langford, David Thomas, Mike Watt and Tom Waits, their debut bills itself as "a tribute to the American Rust Belt". They paint a haunting modern-day portrait of cities like Cleveland, Youngstown, Toledo, and Detroit; places that once were the definition of American motivation, progress and industry, but now are home to ruined monuments of a bygone era.

1.1 View from the Waterower
1.2 Hands of Production
1.3 Traineater
1.4 Pray
1.5 Pedro to Cleveland
1.6 Red Apple Boy
1.7 Where'd Mom Go?
1.8 The Ballad of John Henry
1.9 Midnight
1.10 Boomtown
1.11 Salina
1.12 Third Generation Pink Slip
1.13 Hewitt-Smithson
1.14 Walker Percy Evans High School

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