The Brains

The Brains: Satana Tarantula

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Artist: The Brains

Artist: The Brains
Title: Satana Tarantula
Product Type: VINYL LP

The brand new album from cult psychobilly band The Brains formed by current Nekromantix skinman and jack-of-all-trades producer/guitarist/singer Rene D La Muerte!The Brains continue their theme of combining retro horror-inspired lyrics with high energy punk-infused rockabilly on this album of all new songs plus a superb cover of the '80s classic "Electric Avenue!"Includes special guest appearances by psychobilly-punk goddess Patricia Day (Horrorpops) rockabilly guitar legend Danny B. Harvey (The Head Cat Swing Cats) Tim Öhrström (Avatar) and more!Available on both CD and limited edition RED vinyl!

1.1 Vindicta
1.2 Satana Tarantula
1.3 Fire
1.4 Hell
1.5 Hellhounds
1.6 El Mariachi D la Muerte
1.7 Come By My Side
1.8 Fight or Die
1.9 C'mon Let's Do It All Night
1.10 Swing It
1.11 Lonely Wednesday
1.12 Electric Avenue

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