The Breakpoint Method: Thanks for Nothing

The Breakpoint Method: Thanks for Nothing
Title: Thanks for Nothing
Label: CD Baby

'Thanks for Nothing' is The Breakpoint Method's second album. This time around, they concentrated on heavy-hitting melodies, super-catchy hooks, and tackling real life problems (Terrorism, False-sense of activism, addiction, Suicide, etc.) They firmly believe this is their greatest accomplishment yet. Consider this album a culmination of 4 years of high-hopes, disappointment, tragedy, and heartbreak. Every aspect of the band's performance has greatly improved, vocally, instrumentally, and lyrically. The Breakpoint Method has established a unique sound that you will find yourself humming in your head for the rest of the week. Just give it a listen...

1.1 No Cure
1.2 I'd Rather Die
1.3 Can We Stop
1.4 Bleed for Me
1.5 Invisible
1.6 Leave Me Alone
1.7 Stay Away
1.8 Falling Apart
1.9 Take Me Over
1.10 Crying Out Loud

The Breakpoint Method: Thanks for Nothing

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