The Breaks

The Breaks: Odd Man Out

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Artist: The Breaks

Artist: The Breaks
Title: Odd Man Out

Only a month after The Breaks' formation, the group set off to Ocean Way Nashville Recording Studios in Tennessee with the intention capturing a small sample of their pure, raw, high-energy pop rock. In less than a day and a half, The Breaks had finished recording their debut EP with full satisfaction. The Breaks are a Saint Louis based indie power pop group with the ultimate goal of getting your feet moving, your ears meltin', and your hands clappin'. 'The night started off with a St. Louis group, the Breaks, whose Indie rock croons and staccato beats got the crowd singing along. The memorable moments of it's performance included powerful drumming, sweet vocals and enough guitar licks to get to the center of a rock tootsie pop.' -Audra DeMariano - KDHX 'The Breaks are far from the first band to specialize in high-energy power-pop, but it distinguishes itself with smart, dynamic songwriting and charismatic stage presence. Between bassist Karl Stefanski's leaping and guitarist Sean Gartner's ferocious finger-tapping, the quartet puts on a riveting show that bodes well for it's upcoming EP, Odd Man Out, which is out January 11, 2011.' -- Bob McMahon - The Riverfront Times' Twelve Local Artists Not to Overlook in 2011.

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