The Cajuns

The Cajuns: Cajuns: Songs Waltzes / Various

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Cajuns

Title: Cajuns: Songs Waltzes / Various
Label: Folkways Records

Most of the recordings on this album were made in the 1930s, and exhibit Cajun music's characteristically infectious rhythmic patterns and irregular cadences. This lively album includes Joseph F. Falcon's 1928 performance of "Lafayette," the first Cajun song ever recorded.

1.1 La Two-Step a Erby
1.2 Si Tu Voudroit Marriez Avec Moi
1.3 Cajun Crawl
1.4 Te Ma Lessa Jolie Blond
1.5 Lafayette
1.6 Rang Tang Bully
1.7 Tu Pen Pas Ma Retter de Revere
1.8 Two-Step a 'Chachin
1.9 Crap Shooter's Hop
1.10 Pine Island
1.11 Waltz That Carried Me to My Grave
1.12 Jolie Petite Blonde
1.13 Tu Peu Depend Si Moi
1.14 La Breakdown a Pete

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