The Carter Family

The Carter Family: Carter Family Favorites

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Title: Carter Family Favorites
Label: Jasmine Music

2009 release. The Carter Family recorded hundreds of songs throughout their career and It would be almost impossible to find a Folk singer or a Folk group nowadays whose repertoire does not show the influence of The Carter Family. In terms of hits, well where do we start? Included the million selling 'Wildwood Flower' from 1928, along with 'I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes' and 'My Clinch Mountain Home' which were among 1929s top five best sellers. Here then is a virtual catalogue of Country songs expressing the thoughts, problems, and beliefs of American country folk and sung by people for whom these feelings are personal ones. These recordings of this memorable group speak more eloquently than the thousands of words which have been written about The Carter Family to explain the mystery of why this trio has received such far-reaching acclaim and such sincere veneration from folklorists, city, and country folk alike for more than 85 years. 27 tracks. Jasmine.

1.1 Hello Stranger
1.2 My Dixie Darling
1.3 Oh Take Me Back
1.4 Little Joe
1.5 Stern Old Behaviour
1.6 Sweet Heaven in My View
1.7 You Are My Flower
1.8 Jealous Hearted Me
1.9 You've Been a Friend to Me
1.10 The Wayworn Traveler
1.11 Coal Miners Blues
1.12 Funny When You Feel That Way
1.13 My Homes Across the Blue Ridge
1.14 You Better Let That Liar Alone
1.15 Cuban Soldier
1.16 No Depression
1.17 Reckless Motorman
1.18 Just Another Broken Heart
1.19 Bring Back My Boy
1.20 Never Let the Devil Get the Upper Hand
1.21 Jim Blakes Message
1.22 My Native Home
1.23 St. Regious Girl
1.24 Walking in the Kings Highway
1.25 Wildwood Flower
1.26 I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
1.27 My Clinch Mountain Home

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