The Carter Family: In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain

The Carter Family: In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain
Title: In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain
Label: Bear Family

The single most important event in the history of country music.' That was how Johnny Cash characterized the first Carter Family session in Bristol, Tennessee in 1927. That epochal first session is here, together with all of the recordings made by the original Carter Family between 1927 and 1941. Here are the Anglo-Celtic ballads, mountain songs, blues, and popular songs that formed the bedrock of country music, rendered as plaintively and hauntingly as only The Carter Family could render them.Country people have always been sacred and sentimental people,' declared Carter Family patriarch, A. P., and the 307 songs collected in this unique complete 12-CD edition reflect that judgement. This collection includes all of the Carters' recordings for Victor, ARC, Decca, APS, Columbia and Bluebird complete for the first time. Here are the original versions of country and folk classics like Wildwood Flower, Wabash Cannon Ball, The Storms Are On The Ocean and, of course, Will The Circle Be Unbroken.Many of these recordings are appearing for the first time on CD, and the sound of these ageless classics has been digitally enhanced without damaging their integrity or purity. All known photographs of the original Carter Family have been included. Mother Maybelle's personal photo collection has been included as well as all the photos belonging to Janette Carter, some previously unpublished, and there is a full-length newly-researched Carter Family biography by preeminent country music historian Charles Wolfe. 'These recordings are archetypal and timeless,' writes Wolfe. 'They are as elemental as the wind or water, and have the simple beauty of the landscape of (the Carters' home in) Poor Valley. It is hard to underestimate the importance of The Carter Family to country music, and to American music in general'.The set includes a taped interview by Ed Kahn and Mike Seeger with both Maybelle and Sara in 1963. It also includes a written introduction by Johnny Cash.

1.1 Bury Me Under the Weeping Willow
1.2 Little Log Cabin By the Sea
1.3 Poor Orphan Child
1.4 The Storms Are on the Ocean
1.5 Single Girl, Married Girl
1.6 The Wandering Boy
1.7 Meet Me By the Moonlight Alone
1.8 Little Darling Pal of Mine
1.9 Keep on the Sunny Side
1.10 Anchored in Love
1.11 John Hardy Was a Desperate Little Man
1.12 I Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
1.13 Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
1.14 River of Jordan
1.15 Chewing Gum
1.16 Wildwood Flower
1.17 I Have No One to Love Me (But the Sailor on the Deep Blue Sea)
1.18 Forsaken Love
1.19 Sweet Fern
1.20 My Clinch Mountain Home
1.21 God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign
1.22 I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
1.23 Little Moses
1.24 Lulu Wall
1.25 Grave on the Green Hillside
1.26 Don't Forget This Song (My Home in Old Virginia)
1.27 Foggy Mountain Top
1.28 Bring Back My Blue Eyed Boy to Me
1.29 Diamonds in the Rough
1.30 Engine 143
1.31 Homestead on the Farm
1.32 Cyclone of Rye Cove
1.33 Motherless Children
1.34 When the Roses Bloom in Dixieland
1.35 No Telephone in Heaven
1.36 Western Hobo
1.37 Carter's Blues
1.38 Wabash Cannonball
1.39 A Distant Land to Roam
1.40 Jimmie Brown the Newsboy
1.41 Kitty Waltz
1.42 Fond Affection
1.43 The Cannon Ball
1.44 Lover's Farewell
1.45 There's Someone Aaiting for Me
1.46 The Little Log Hut in the Lane
1.47 When the Springtime Comes Again
1.48 When the World's on Fire
1.49 I Have An Aged Mother
1.50 Dying Soldier
1.51 Worried Man Blues
1.52 Lonesome Valley
1.53 On the Rock Where Moses Stood
1.54 Room in Heaven for Me
1.55 Lonesome Pine Special
1.56 No More the Moon Shines on Lorena
1.57 On My Way to Canaan's Land
1.58 Where Shall I Be
1.59 Sow 'Em on the Mountain
1.60 Darling Nellie Across the Sea
1.61 The Birds Were Singing of You
1.62 Weary Prodigal Son
1.63 My Old Cottage Home
1.64 When I'm Gone
1.65 Sunshine in the Shadows
1.66 Let the Church Roll on
1.67 Lonesome for You
1.68 Can't Feel at Home
1.69 Why There's a Tear in My Eye
1.70 The Wonderful City
1.71 Jimmie Rodgers Visits the Carter Family
1.72 The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers in Texas
1.73 Mid the Green Fields of Virginia
1.74 Happiest Days of All
1.75 Picture on the Wall
1.76 Amber Tresses
1.77 I Never Loved But One
1.78 Tell Me That You Love Me
1.79 Where We'll Never Grow Old
1.80 We Will March Through the Streets of the City
1.81 Sweet As the Flowers in Maytime
1.82 Will the Roses Bloom in Heaven
1.83 My Little Home in Tennessee
1.84 Sun of the Soul
1.85 If One Won't Another One Will
1.86 Broken Hearted Lover
1.87 Two Sweethearts
1.88 Winding Stream
1.89 I Wouldn't Mind Dying
1.90 Spirit of Love Watches Over Me
1.91 Church in the Wildwood
1.92 Give Me Roses While I Live
1.93 I Never Will Marry
1.94 On the Sea of Galilee
1.95 Home By the Sea
1.96 When the Roses Come Again
1.97 I Loved You Better Than You Knew
1.98 This Is Like Heaven to Me
1.99 See That My Grave Is Kept Green
1.100 Over the Garden Wall
1.101 Gold Watch and Chain
1.102 School House on the Hill
1.103 Will My Mother Know Me There
1.104 Faded Flowers
1.105 Poor Little Orphaned Boy
1.106 On a Hill Lone and Gray
1.107 Cowboy Jack
1.108 I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
1.109 Away Out on the Old Saint Sabboth
1.110 Darling Little Joe
1.111 Happy or Lonesome
1.112 One Little Word
1.113 Darling Daisies
1.114 East Virginia Blues
1.115 Lover's Return
1.116 It'll Aggravate Your Soul
1.117 Hello Central Give Me Heaven
1.118 I'm Working on a Building
1.119 You've Been Fooling Me Baby
1.120 Longing for Old Virginia
1.121 March Winds Gonna Blow My Blues All Away
1.122 There'll Be Joy, Joy, Joy
1.123 Home in Tennessee
1.124 Are You Tired of Me My Darling
1.125 I Cannot Be Your Sweetheart
1.126 My Heart's Tonight in Texas
1.127 There's No Hiding Place Down Here
1.128 Cowboy's Wild Song to His Herd
1.129 Evening Bells Are Ringing
1.130 Mountains of Tennessee
1.131 I'll Be Home Someday
1.132 Faded Coat of Blue
1.133 Sailor Boy
1.134 Glory to the Lamb
1.135 Behind Those Stone Walls
1.136 Sinking in the Lonesome Sea
1.137 He Took a White Rose from Her Hair
1.138 Can the Circle Be Unbroken (Bye and Bye)
1.139 Let's Be Lovers Again
1.140 Your Mother Still Prays (For You Jack)
1.141 Kissing Is a Crime
1.142 Don't Forget Me Little Darling
1.143 Sad and Lonesome Day
1.144 By the Touch of Her Hand
1.145 East Virginia Blues No. 2
1.146 My Old Virginia Home
1.147 My Virginia Rose Is Blooming
1.148 My Texas Girl
1.149 No Other's Bride I'll Be
1.150 Gathering Flowers from the Hillside
1.151 Gospel Ship
1.152 Little Black Train
1.153 Keep on the Sunny Side
1.154 River of Jordan
1.155 Lonesome Valley
1.156 God Gave Noah the Rainbow Sign
1.157 Single Girl, Married Girl
1.158 The Fate of Dewey Lee
1.159 Wildwood Flower
1.160 Sea of Galilee
1.161 Don't Forget This Song
1.162 My Clinch Mountain Home
1.163 The Storms Are on the Ocean
1.164 Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone
1.165 Broken Hearted Lover
1.166 Little Darling, Pal of Mine
1.167 The Homestead on the Farm
1.168 Cannon Ball Blues
1.169 Meet Me By the Moonlight Alone
1.170 On the Rock Where Moses Stood
1.171 Lulu Wall
1.172 I'm Thinking Tonight of My Blue Eyes
1.173 Worried Man Blues
1.174 My Dixie Darling
1.175 Give Me Your Love and I'll Give You Mine
1.176 Are You Lonesome Tonight
1.177 The Last Move for Me
1.178 The Wayworn Traveller
1.179 Just Another Broken Heart
1.180 When Silver Threads Are Gold Again
1.181 There's No One Like Mother to Me
1.182 In a Little Village Churchyard
1.183 Jealous Hearted Me
1.184 My Native Home
1.185 Sweet Heaven in My View
1.186 No Depression (In Heaven)
1.187 Bonnie Blue Eyes
1.188 My Honey Lou
1.189 In the Shadow of the Pines
1.190 Answer to Weeping Willow
1.191 You've Been a Friend to Me
1.192 Where the Silvery Colorado Wends It's Way
1.193 Lay My Head Beneath the Rose
1.194 No Depression in Heaven
1.195 My Native Home
1.196 Jealous Hearted Me
1.197 A Distant Land to Roam
1.198 I'm Working on a Building
1.199 East Virginia Blues, No. 2
1.200 My Dixie Darling
1.201 Keep on the Sunny Side
1.202 Kissing Is a Crime
1.203 Single Girl, Married Girl
1.204 Little Darling Pal of Mine
1.205 Lonesome Valley
1.206 Cannon Ball Blues
1.207 Happy or Lonesome
1.208 Are You Lonesome Tonight
1.209 Just Another Broken Heart
1.210 The Broken Down Tramp
1.211 Lover's Lane
1.212 Hold Fast to the Right
1.213 Lord, I'm in Your Care
1.214 Funny When You Feel That Way
1.215 In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain
1.216 Hello Stranger
1.217 Never Let the Devil Get the Upper Hand of You
1.218 When This Evening Sun Goes Down
1.219 Jim Blake's Message
1.220 Honey in the Rock
1.221 Look How This World Has Made a Change
1.222 Little Girl That Played Upon My Knee
1.223 You Better Let That Liar Alone
1.224 Farewell Nellie
1.225 The Only Girl I Ever Cared About
1.226 Goodbye to the Plains
1.227 My Home's Across the Blue Ridge Mountains
1.228 Dark Haired True Lover
1.229 He Never Came Back
1.230 Happy in Prison
1.231 Walking in the King's Highway
1.232 St. Regious Girl
1.233 Just a Few More Days
1.234 Bring Back My Boy
1.235 It Is Better Farther on
1.236 Charlie and Nellie
1.237 Cuban Soldier
1.238 Heart That Was Broken for Me
1.239 You're Nothing More to Me
1.240 Stern Old Bachelor
1.241 Little Joe
1.242 Reckless Motorman
1.243 You Denied Your Love
1.244 Oh Take Me Back
1.245 You Are My Flower
1.246 Who's That Knocking at My Window
1.247 They Call Her Mother
1.248 Coal Miner's Blues
1.249 Young Freda Bolt
1.250 Little Poplar Log House on the Hill
1.251 The Dying Mother
1.252 Buddies in the Saddle
1.253 Heaven's Radio
1.254 Beautiful Home
1.255 There'll Be No Distinction There
1.256 Give Him One More As He Goes
1.257 Lonesome for You Darling
1.258 Blackie's Gunman
1.259 You've Got to Righten That Wrong
1.260 Meeting in the Air
1.261 My Home Among the Hills
1.262 Bla

The Carter Family: In the Shadow of Clinch Mountain

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