The Cave Singers: Banshee

The Cave Singers: Banshee
Title: Banshee
Label: Jagjaguwar
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. When self-taught spiritual artist Augustin Lesage (1876-1954) spoke of his painting process he said, "I never have any idea as to what I want to portray. I never have an overview of the entire work at any point of the execution. My guides tell me: 'Do not try to understand what you're doing.' I surrender to their impulse." This sentiment of surrendering is shared by The Cave Singers. Their writing is unfettered, their songs possess a quality of deliverence. Each track of their four album catalog compels movement, physical and emotional. It can manifest as the tapping of one's foot, nod of the head or even a silent lifting of the heart. The Cave Singers' melodic harmonies pull the body to the present, demanding our attention beyond all of the other noises of the world. Banshee brings The Cave Singers back to their original 3 piece lineup and also their approach to songwriting: an exchange of Derek sending Pete a ri- and Pete responding with vocal ideas. From there, the songs come together. The album was recorded live in July of 2015 over 6 days with producer Randall Dunn. The record is warmly anchored in the members' creative familiarity with one another. Yet there is a new thirst to Banshee, Banshee, one that can be attributed to the combination of the band taking a year o- to work on other projects - Pete Quirk's solo album and the Kodiak Deathbeds debut record - and their return to songwriting from distanced correspondence.

1.1 That's Why
1.2 Lost in the Tide
1.3 Southern Bell
1.4 Who's Well
1.5 Strip Mine
1.6 Cool Criminal
1.7 The Swimmer
1.8 Fade Away
1.9 Christmas Song
1.10 Light in the House

The Cave Singers: Banshee

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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