The Celtic Ensemble

The Celtic Ensemble: Changing Moon

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Artist: The Celtic Ensemble
Title: Changing Moon

We are not a traditional "Irish" band, but a unique and eclectic group dedicated to spiritual connections between fellow humans and our world. We hope to uplift humanity in some small way through the magic of myth, music and dance. The term "Celtic Music" is an interesting one. Although most people think of Celtic as being Irish music (which does compose a large part of it, along with Scottish), actually it comprises music as far east as India, and to the west as far as the Pacific coast of North America. _____ The Celtic Ensemble was originally formed under the name Rowan Tree in 1985. The original group was composed of José Carvajal on whistle and harmonica; Claudia Poquoc, lead singer and on bodhran; Jack Hayden, guitar and vocals; and Carlos Warner, rhythmic bones and artwork. In 1995 the group went through a metamorphosis of mythic dimensions with the aid of their Celtic music mentor, Seonaidh Carlisle, who was a native Gaelic speaker. They began playing at Twiggs Green Room in San Diego every Sunday in 1997. While there, they were joined by classically trained violinist and composer, Tim Brittain, who brings profound magical composition as well as passionate fiddle to the group. The Celtic Ensemble performs eclectic tunes as well as their own original songs and tunes. Contact: email: phone: 619-265-2504 "Our vision is to free anyone feeling bound in body or soul, and to restore human relation in ancient memory through the magic of myth, music and dance."

1.1 Jigs: Old Hag You've Killed Me/Gander in the Pratie Hole
1.2 Sea Dawn
1.3 Slip Jigs: Another Jig Will Do/Rocky Road to Dublin; Trip to
1.4 The Maid on the Shore [Live]
1.5 Reels: Wizard on the Verge
1.6 Aire: The Highland Clearances
1.7 Mother of the Milky Waters
1.8 Waltzes: Twilight/The Star of the County Down
1.9 The Star of the County Down
1.10 Reels: Peeler's Cap/Joe Cooley's/The Mountain Road
1.11 Aire: The Day Dawn
1.12 The Voices Call
1.13 Reels: Toss the Feathers/Dunmore Lassies
1.14 Waltz: A Thousand Sad Words on a Hill
1.15 The Caw That Rides the Wind
1.16 Reel: Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap
1.17 Waltz: The Skye Boat
1.18 She Calls Her Relations
1.19 Reel: Gone a Hundred Miles
1.20 Jigs: Jig of Slurs/The Atholl Highlanders
1.21 Who Am I?

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