The Chasm

The Chasm: Conscious Creation From The Isolated Domain

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Chasm

Artist: The Chasm
Title: Conscious Creation From The Isolated Domain

2018 release. Formed in Mexico circa 1992 by spectral visionary Daniel Corchado, The Chasm is one of the few bands of the death metal genre who have not only kept it's funereal spirit alive through times of boom and bust but progressively altered their sound across eight albums, two demos, and an EP without ever watering it down or losing sight of their strengths. Their place in the genre's pantheon is near mythic among those aware and they hold a cult reputation world-wide. This is their first fully instrumental album, leaving the now two man operation of principal songwriter, guitarist, and bassist Daniel to focus fully on elaborate axe-work set to Antonio Leon's creative drumming.

1.1 CC I
1.2 CC II
1.3 CC III
1.4 CC IV
1.5 CC V
1.6 CC VI
1.8 CC IX
1.9 CC X
1.10 CC XI

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