The Chemistry Experiment

The Chemistry Experiment: Gongs Played By Voice

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Artist: The Chemistry Experiment
Title: Gongs Played By Voice

What is wonderful about Gongs Played By Voice is that every song is deceptively simple and you find yourself singing along, even if you haven't got a clue as to what. The glam stomp of 'The Event And the Experiment' is a prime example as you giddily sing about the boy with beams coming out of his face. He's from outer space you see. The Chemistry Experiment may not face the same struggle as, say, the Stone Roses did with Second Coming and although their debut album the Melancholy Death of The Chemistry Experiment may have garnered critical acclaim this didn't really equate into world wide fame. In some respects then, they have the weight of expectation thrown off them. On the reverse side, the fans they did gain may well have moved on to pastures new.

1.1 Hung Lam
1.2 Rainy Day
1.3 Leo ; Magician
1.4 We Have Seasons
1.5 Jandek Bakery
1.6 The Event and the Xperiment
1.7 Story of Isaac
1.8 Channel Light Vessel
1.9 A Good Wind

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