The Chieftains: San Patricio [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD Combo] [Digipak With O-Card]

The Chieftains: San Patricio [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD Combo] [Digipak With O-Card]
Title: San Patricio [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD Combo] [Digipak With O-Card]
Label: Hear Music

Special CD/DVD edition includes a bonus DVD containing a special 'making of' documentary and three videos including performances from Chavela Vargas, Los Tigres Del Norte and Lila Downs. 2010 release, a musical collaboration between the Irish Folk legends, guitarist Ry Cooder and guests. Known and beloved all over the world, The Chieftains truly are an international phenomenon. San Patricio rekindles their Grammy winning partnership with Cooder, illuminating musical and historical bonds between Ireland and Mexico. The album tells the nearly forgotten story of the brave San Patricio battalion, a downtrodden group of Irish immigrants who deserted the US Army to fight on the Mexican side in the Mexican/American War (1846-48). Features guest appearances from Lila Downs, Linda Ronstadt, Carlos Nunez, Moya Brennan, Lost Tigres Del Norte and others.

1.1 La Iguana
1.2 La Golondrina
1.3 A la Orilla de Un Palmar
1.4 Danza de Concheros
1.5 El Chivo
1.6 San Campio
1.7 The Sands of Mexico
1.8 Sailing to Mexico
1.9 El Caballo
1.10 March to Battle (Across the Rio Grande)
1.11 Lullaby for the Dead
1.12 Luz de Luna
1.13 Persecuci N de Villa
1.14 Canci N Mixteca (Intro)
1.15 Canci N Mixteca
1.16 Ojitos Negros
1.17 El Relampago
1.18 El P Jaro Cu
1.19 Finale
2.1 The Making of San Patricio [DVD]
2.2 La Iguana [DVD]
2.3 Canci N Mixteca [DVD]
2.4 Luz de Luna [DVD]

The Chieftains: San Patricio [Deluxe Edition] [CD/DVD Combo] [Digipak With O-Card]

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