The Chiffons

The Chiffons: My Secret Love

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Chiffons

Title: My Secret Love
Label: Harkit Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

UK vinyl LP pressing of the last album recorded by the girls - and their rarest and, we think, their most desirable! After some 50 years, the girls' recordings continue to generate great interest. Reproduced this time with two bonus tracks.

1.1 Secret Love
1.2 Your'e the Love of a Lifetime
1.3 Soul
1.4 I Don't Deserve a Boy Like You
1.5 Feeling
1.6 . Stop Look Listen
1.7 Now That Your'e My Baby
1.8 The First and the Last
1.9 Remember Me Baby
1.10 It Hurts to Be Sixteen
1.11 Every Boy Every Girl
1.12 March

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