The Chosen

The Chosen: Based on a True Story

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Chosen

Title: Based on a True Story
Label: CD Baby

This is my life story giving God all the glory for I was dead in tresspasses and sin until Christ knocked me off my high horse and made Himself real to me and from that experience produced 'Based on A True Story!

1.1 Intro-Aw
1.2 My Testimony
1.3 Skit-Word on the Streets
1.4 Now That I'm Home
1.5 Lord Take Care of Me
1.6 My Life
1.7 Part of My Life Pt.2
1.8 Unworthy
1.9 Still Here
1.10 Hey
1.11 Unconditional Love
1.12 I Don't Know Who She Is
1.13 Please Understand
1.14 No Giving Up
1.15 I Will Never Forget
1.16 They Don't Like Me- Remix
1.17 They Don't Like Me- Remix (Extended Version)

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