The Clash

The Clash: London Calling: Scrapbook

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Clash

Title: London Calling: Scrapbook
Label: Sony Legacy

CD in hardback book packaging. This limited 120-page, hardback scrapbook contains rarely seen content from the bands personal archives, including handwritten lyrics, Ray Lowry drawings, fanzines, original press cuttings and band images. The Scrapbook has a special clear slip case printed with Ray Lowry's artwork, which can be removed to reveal the Pennie Smith photo below. When The Clash's third studio album London Calling was released in the winter of 1979, it was clear that the band had made an instant classic, an era-defining masterpiece that stands as one of rock's all-time greatest albums. The album is a hugely compelling melting pot of musical styles, driven by a passion for action and a fierce desire for social justice, with lyrics which remain completely relevant.

1.1 London Calling
1.2 Brand New Cadillac
1.3 Jimmy Jazz
1.4 Hateful
1.5 Rudie Can't Fail
1.6 Spanish Bombs
1.7 The Right Profile
1.8 Lost in the Supermarket
1.9 Clampdown
1.10 The Guns of Brixton
1.11 Wrong 'Em Boyo
1.12 Death or Glory
1.13 Koka Kola
1.14 The Card Cheat
1.15 Lover's Rock
1.16 Four Horsemen
1.17 I'm Not Down
1.18 Revolution Rock
1.19 Train in Vain

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