The Crimea

The Crimea: Square Moon

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Crimea

Artist: The Crimea
Title: Square Moon
Product Type: VINYL LP

1.1 Petals Open When Reached By Sunlight
1.2 Last Plane Out of Saigon
1.3 Jellyfish
1.4 Listen to Seashells They Know Everything
1.5 If I See My Reflection One More Time
1.6 The Only Living Boy and Girl
1.7 You Never Smile for the Camera
1.8 How to Make You Laugh
1.9 Witches Broom
1.10 Shredder
1.11 Road to Damascus
2.1 Beehive Mind
2.2 Mid Air Collisions
2.3 We Stand Alone
2.4 Lovers of the Disappeared
2.5 Shoelaces
2.6 Black Belt in Breaking Hearts
2.7 Judas Loves You
2.8 Millionaire
2.9 Goldmine
2.10 Mountain of Strange
2.11 Lupara Bianca

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