The Crown

The Crown: Doomsday King: Limited

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Crown

Artist: The Crown
Title: Doomsday King: Limited

Limited two CD edition includes bonus CD containing four additional tracks. 2010 album from the reunited Swedish Thrash Metal band.

1.1 Doomsday King
1.2 Angel of Death 1839
1.3 Age of Iron
1.4 The Tempter and the Bible Black
1.5 Soul Slasher
1.6 Blood O.D
1.7 Through Eyes of Oblivion
1.8 Desolation Domain
1.9 From the Ashes I Shall Return
1.10 He Who Rises in Might - from Darkness to Light
2.1 Die Before Dying
2.2 In Bitterness and Sorrow
2.3 Kill 2010
2.4 Falling 'Neath the Heaven's Sea

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