The Cure: The Top

The Cure: The Top
Title: The Top
Label: Elektra / WEA

2006 digitally remastered two CD edition of this 1984 album by Robert Smith and co-horts. This album was a dramatic musical transition for The Cure, integrating the band's trademark dark textures with increased melodic and pop tendencies. Disc One contains the album's 10 original tracks including 'The Caterpillar', 'Shake Dog Shake' and 'Bird Mad Girl'. Disc Two contains an additional 17 bonus tracks including demos, live recordings and four previously unreleased songs. Deluxe package contains a 20 page booklet including sleeve notes with rare and previously unseen photographs. WEA.

1.1 Shake Dog Shake [Disc 1]
1.2 Birdmad Girl [Disc 1]
1.3 Wailing Wall [Disc 1]
1.4 Give Me It [Disc 1]
1.5 Dressing Up [Disc 1]
1.6 The Caterpillar [Disc 1]
1.7 Piggy in the Mirror [Disc 1]
1.8 The Empty World [Disc 1]
1.9 Bananafishbones [Disc 1]
1.10 The Top [Disc 1]
2.1 You Stayed... (RS Home Demo) [Disc 2]
2.2 Ariel (RS Home Demo) [Disc 2]
2.3 A Hand Inside My Mouth (Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.4 Sadacic (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.5 Shake Dog Shake (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.6 Piggy in the Mirror (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.7 Birdmad Girl (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.8 Give Me It (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.9 Throw Your Foot (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.10 Happy the Man (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.11 The Caterpillar (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.12 Dressing Up (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.13 Wailing Wall (RS Studio Demo) [Disc 2]
2.14 The Empty World (Live Bootleg) [Disc 2]
2.15 Bananafishbones (Live Bootleg) [Disc 2]
2.16 The Top (Live Bootleg) [Disc 2]
2.17 Forever (Version) (Live Bootleg) [Disc 2]

The Cure: The Top

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