The Damned

The Damned: Anything

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Artist: The Damned

Artist: The Damned
Title: Anything

Digitally remastered and expanded two CD edition of the veteran British Punk/New Wave rockers' 1986 album including a bonus CD that contains additional bonus tracks containing mixes, b-sides, live recordings and radio sessions. In contrast to the straightforward sessions for their previous album, recording was rife with problems. Kelly attempted to steer the band towards the 'Goth Opera' style that had served them so well, but the band wanted to move in a new direction, with a psychedelic Rock flavor, epitomized by their brilliant cover of Love's "Alone Again Or". The distinctive carving on the cover was made by Howard Rayhoult. Anything spawned the UK hit singles "Anything" (#32), "Gigolo" (#29) and "Alone Again Or" (#27). 24 tracks. Universal. 2009.

1.1 Anything - Jon Kelly, the Damned
1.2 Alone Again or - Jon Kelly, the Damned
1.3 The Portrait - Jon Kelly, the Damned
1.4 Restless - Jon Kelly, the Damned
1.5 In Dulce Decorum - the Damned, Jon Kelly
1.6 Gigolo - Jon Kelly, the Damned
1.7 The Girl Goes Down - Jon Kelly, the Damned
1.8 Tightrope Walk - Jon Kelly, the Damned
1.9 Psychomania - the Damned, Jon Kelly
1.10 Eloise - the Damned
1.11 Anything - the Damned
1.12 Gigolo - the Damned
1.13 In Dulce Decorum - the Damned
2.1 Eloise - the Damned
2.2 Temptation - the Damned
2.3 Beat Girl - the Damned
2.4 Anything - the Damned
2.5 The Year of the Jackal - the Damned
2.6 Thanks for the Night - Hein Hoven, the Damned
2.7 Anything - the Damned
2.8 Gigolo - Jon Kelly, the Damned
2.9 Alone Again or - the Damned
2.10 Psychomania - the Damned, Jon Kelly
2.11 In Dulce Decorum - Jon Kelly, the Damned

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