The Dangerous Summer

The Dangerous Summer: Mother Nature (Blue & Yellow Swirl)

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: The Dangerous Summer
Title: Mother Nature (Blue & Yellow Swirl)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl Color "Earth Mix" (Blue and Yellow swirl). The Dangerous Summer's Mother Nature is their most personal album to date. Following their successful 2018 comeback after a five-year hiatus, the band is getting more raw and real than ever. With lyrics outlining painful breakups, feeling isolated, and trying to rebuild - Mother Nature propels The Dangerous Summer forward again - with no hiatus in sight.

1.1 Prologue
1.2 Blind Ambition
1.3 Bring Me Back to Life
1.4 Way Down
1.5 Virginia
1.6 Starting Over / Slow Down
1.7 Where Were You When the Sky Opened Up
1.8 It Is Real
1.9 Violent Red
1.10 Mother Nature
1.11 Better Light
1.12 Consequence of Living

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