The Dark Bob

The Dark Bob: Intifadadavida

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Dark Bob

Artist: The Dark Bob
Title: Intifadadavida

1.1 CD Orientation and Instruction
1.2 Parfectijed (For Everyone)
1.3 Valerie
1.4 Pray for Rain
1.5 Am I? Did We? Are We? Can I? (Monologue)
1.6 There's a Place
1.7 An Ever Ominous Dream
1.8 Live Performance (Monologue)
1.9 Hillowee! Hillowee! Hillowee!
1.10 Two Worlds
1.11 When the Lion Roars
1.12 Glorious Site
1.13 I Can't Love You Enough
1.14 All Star of la Performance Art (Monologue)
1.15 Kingdom Come
1.16 Dangertown
1.17 Million Years of Love
1.18 Bonus Track: Beirut
1.19 He Knows Who I Am

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