The Dbc Band

The Dbc Band: Edge Again

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Artist: The Dbc Band

Artist: The Dbc Band
Title: Edge Again

The DBC Band is the music of Paul Domitor on guitar and vocals, with original members James Fletcher on bass and Tom Stembridge on drums. These are talented musicians whose work has been reviewed and distributed by many sources worldwide. Paul is a great songwriter and arranger, and the band puts out a BIG sound and lots of power. They have a cult following worldwide, and have sold CDs in 20 countries. The group lives in the Northwest area of the US of A, but has a world consciousness in their music. The DBC Band is known for it's driving, explosive sound, as well as songs that will collide with your heart. If you have heard their first album, The DBC Band: DBC, you know that the more you listen, the more you love the music. This CD includes a booklet with photos and all the song lyrics. So, like loyal fans in many countries, you are welcome to join the DBC family, enjoy this studio release and share it with YOUR friends and family. We are grateful for all our fans worldwide! Give a listen and purchase or download songs that get it for you. They all say something about our collective journey, and probably yours in particular.....

1.1 Big Round Lips
1.2 Low Down Mama
1.3 Wheel
1.4 Blues Again
1.5 When's the Last Time
1.6 Little Darlin'
1.7 Another Man Like Me
1.8 Roll the Movie Forward
1.9 Shark Attack
1.10 Love Won't Tell You Nothin'
1.11 Edge Again
1.12 Road to Nowhereland
1.13 Someone's Daughter, Someone's Son

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