The Deacons

The Deacons: Maiden America

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Deacons

Title: Maiden America
Label: CD Baby

Review provided by Ron Weinstock, D.C. Blues Society 'Maiden America' is the second self-produced CD by the Deacons. The Deacons have combined superb songwriting, slick arrangements, strong vocals, and explosive instrumental prowess to create a uniquely entertaining journey through varied forms of American music. Featuring: John O'Connor's composition, arrangement,bass and vocals; Geoffrey Holdridge on electric viola and vocals; Bruce Middle, guitar and vocals; and Charles Mitchell, drums and vocals. Jim Boberg sings harmonies on 'Mona'. All of the musicians on this recording have performed and recorded extensively. Since 1995, the Deacons have earned a reputation for exceptional virtuosity and stellar live performances. This recording caught the group in transition as a little more than half has the guitar of Mike Dutton who plays a strong bluesy style very suggestive of Freddy King. Most tracks demonstrate how the Deacons have evolved since their first CD, '1,2,3,4...Live at the Courtyard'. The group has grown from a solid meat-and-potatoes blues band into a slick, skin-tight unit that mixes blues, rock, jazz, funk, and world music into an irresistible groove.

1.1 Angel of the Airways
1.2 What Is a Man (Without a Woman By His Side)?
1.3 Why Me?
1.4 16 Changes
1.5 Mona
1.6 I Beat Mike Tyson
1.7 What Did I Do to Deserve This?
1.8 Air Detroit
1.9 Flowers
1.10 Telephone Song
1.11 Ensenada
1.12 Everybody's Somebody's Baby
1.13 It's Not What It Seems

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