The Deli

The Deli: Jazz Cat

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Deli

Artist: The Deli
Title: Jazz Cat

2018 release. Austin hip-hop beatrepreneur The Deli made serious waves with previous Cold Busted album Vibes 3, featuring the song "Flowers." Anticipation is strong for a follow-up from The Deli and, with Jazz Cat, he delivers with gusto. Filled with the smoked-out, laid-back cut-and-paste rhythmology that The Deli is known for, Jazz Cat contains 15 enticing beat compositions. The title cut shows where he's at, transmitting an old-is-new-again feel through scratchy snare snaps, looping piano chords, and faraway - both in time and place - city sounds. Other highlights include the dreamy lounge pressure of "Virgo Flip," "Fractals" and it's shimmering vibraphone atmospheres co-produced by Lungfulls, the 'hip-hop party happening down the street' vibe of "Spring," and the crucial, jazzy beat construction of "Going Home." Dig in... wIth Jazz Cat, The Deli trips the night fantastic.

1.1 1:56PM
1.2 Virgo Flip
1.3 Spring
1.4 2:11Am Ikebukuro
1.5 Jazz Catz
1.6 Body N Soul
1.7 Yes Ya'll Interlude
1.8 Night Vibe
1.9 Sign Wave
1.10 Fractals
1.11 On ; on
1.12 Going Home
1.13 Rainy Day in Japan
1.14 Intro
1.15 Midnight in Brazil

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