The Demigs

The Demigs: Yardling

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Demigs

Title: Yardling
Label: CD Baby

Instrumentation Guitar/Vocals- Chris Demiglio Guitar- Eric Lee Bass- Brad Row Drums- Mark Demiglio Biography The Demigs were started by Chris Demiglio after the demise of two local bands, Wellwisher and Robin Goodfellow. Having been in two bands with such opposing styles (Wellwisher being an American effort at britt-pop, and Robin Goodfellow dabbling in post-punk noise and structure) it seemed natural to combine the two. Soon after the band was expanded with the addition of Annie Ramage on guitar, Brad Row on bass, and brother Mark Demiglio on drums. The four struck out for the Denton and DFW scene, striking up a modest but loyal fan base. With graduate school looming in the distance, Annie Ramage stepped aside, leaving room for Eric Lee to join. What resulted was a pop-savvy vehicle that was able to use sonically distorted guitars, quirky lyrics, and catchy melodies to create a familiar, but distinctly original, way of making music. With their live show in place, the four of them decided it's way time to come out with an album. The thought behind Yardling was to pair the recording conditions and procedures of an indie band, with the toe tapping, ear pleasing sensations of pop. The Demigs are currently playing the DFW circuit, as well receiving airtime for their album, Yardling.

1.1 Solvents
1.2 Summer Spiders
1.3 Humming from Outside
1.4 98th Meridian
1.5 Dulce
1.6 Throw Me Overboard
1.7 Cashing in
1.8 Northwest Skyline
1.9 My Empty Vessel
1.10 Japanese Glass
1.11 Curse on the World
1.12 Vandals
1.13 Methuselah Moonlight

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