The Deviants

The Deviants: Fragments of Broken Probes

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Deviants

Title: Fragments of Broken Probes
Label: Gonzo

UK pressing of this collection of rarities from Mick Farren and his various Deviants line-ups. FRAGMENTS OF BROKEN PROBES includes outtakes, remixes and alternate takes and is the closest most of US are gonna get to hearing some of Mick's more hard-to-find recordings. Topped and tailed by new Farren/Colquhoun compositions, the album runs the gamut of Mick's work 'twixt the demise of the original Deviants and the stellar psych/jazz/metal poetry of the late 90s.

1.1 It's All in the Picture
1.2 That's Where the Trouble Started
1.3 Screwed Up
1.4 I Want to Be Called Loretta
1.5 Outrageous
1.6 Cosmic Intruder
1.7 Play with Fire
1.8 Shock Horror
1.9 Lost Johnny
1.10 Sounds Is the Answer, John
1.11 To Know Him Is to Love Him
1.12 Waiting for the Ice Cream to Melt
1.13 Broken Statue
1.14 Half Price Drinks
1.15 Dogpoet

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