The Dirty Callahans

The Dirty Callahans: Stepping on Toes

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Artist: The Dirty Callahans
Title: Stepping on Toes

Founded in 2002 by Kjetil, Dr. Love and Pesh, The Dirty Callahans have played their way from a cold dirty basement to two album releases, an E.P. and a U.S tour. In 2003 they found their balance, both musically and personally, with Lars and Sniz from Bercedes-Menz on drums and bass. Their first album, 'Fucked Up And Standing' was released in 2004 on Facefront Records. Since then they have come to be known as a great live band and played support for Backstreet Girls, Entombed, Zodiac Mindwarp, El Caco and Mustasch. With 'Stepping On Toes,' The Dirty Callahans are set to join the legends of Scandinavian rock. The Dirty Callahans are currently spreading their dirty brand of street rock to the world. Their second album, 'Stepping On Toes' was released March 2009 on Norwegian label Sounds Of Unity, and has received excellent reviews. Their sound is bigger, heavier and dirtier. The band is planning a European tour later this year. So check their tour dates and come see this kick-in-the-balls rock show known as THE DIRTY CALLAHANS.

1.1 Lick My Fingers
1.2 Sweet Talkin' Junkies
1.3 Can't Get Far
1.4 Don't Try to Fight It
1.5 Tip of Your Tongue
1.6 Take It All Off
1.7 Nauseous
1.8 Fair Aming
1.9 Where Do You Get Off
1.10 Get Up
1.11 Like a Dog
1.12 Dead Women

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