The Disappointments: Tall Dark & Hasbeen

The Disappointments: Tall Dark & Hasbeen
Title: Tall Dark & Hasbeen
Label: CD Baby

The Disappointments Tall, Dark and Hasbeen is full of 3 minute songs that stick in your head. Melodic, hook laden numbers that have been bashed out in clubs with lots of guitars and lots of sweat. Since the mid 1990s, the Disappointments have been tastefully digging at the same mine of New Wave, 60s and 70s power pop that bands like Rooney, the Strokes and Fountains of Wayne have found inspiration. There are even a few hints here of alterna-country and punk pop. But it's no coincidence 'the DPs' are from the land of Cheap Trick and Paul Westerberg. Other influences are Nick Lowe, Marshall Crenshaw, the dB's, the Jam and XTC. '....strong songs. All ringing guitars, rolling drums and smart as hell lyrics. It really is a very classy little record.' -Terry Hermon, Bucket Full Of Brains (London) 'Tall, Dark and Hasbeen is almost evenly divided between wistful ballads and more energetic songs. If the Disappointments continue to produce albums that are as much fun as Tall Dark And Hasbeen, they might have a hard time finding things to be disappointed about...' -Terrence Flamm, The Illinois Entertainer.

1.1 Looks
1.2 Doing Without
1.3 From You
1.4 Lisa's Lies
1.5 Tall Dark and Hasbeen
1.6 Confide
1.7 Mr. Cellophane
1.8 Not Bad Enough to Be True
1.9 The Same Old Me
1.10 Everyone Else
1.11 Waiting to See You Smile
1.12 Look at You

The Disappointments: Tall Dark & Hasbeen

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