The Dispensed

The Dispensed: Bury Your Heart

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Artist: The Dispensed

Artist: The Dispensed
Title: Bury Your Heart

The Dispensed 'Bury Your Heart' is a melodic punk rock album that fulfills both the need for a feel good soundtrack to the summer and a shoulder to get you through the hard times. The gritty vocals (in the vein of Jawbreaker/ The Lawrence Arms) give the pop melodies the perfect amount of edge, while combining the energy and angst of Punk with the big chord arena rock sound of The Who. Comprised of members of Fun Size and The Challenged.

1.1 The Future Is Unwritten
1.2 Bury Your Heart
1.3 Libby Hill
1.4 Empty Houses, Broken Hearts
1.5 Serena
1.6 Painted Fiction
1.7 Swing and Miss
1.8 Paper Halos, Folded Wings
1.9 Still Standing
1.10 Words Like Knives
1.11 North Star

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