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The Divine Madness: Neverworld

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Title: Neverworld
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At the end of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice calls the Queen of Hearts and her companions, a pack of cards. They swirl around until they settle as dead leaves. It had all been a hypnogogic dream. As her sister lay down to dream of her own childhood lost, Alice headed into town to the cinema. In the darkened room, with images of red-lipped damsels and piano-playing outlaws flickering on the screen, she knew that the world of dreams and nightmares was not one she could leave behind. She painted her lips, pulled up her stockings, and fastened a corset. With a microphone and musicians, The Divine Madness was born. The Los Angeles based band is equal parts rock opera, gothic fairytale, and synthetic seduction. Lead singer Victoria Mazzè is Alice all grown up- with a voice like an airy Johnette Napolitano and the looks of an Argento ingénue. The White Rabbit would rethink his flight plans. With Will Henderson on keys, Danny Devillier on percussion, Julian Primeaux on guitar, and Taylor Guarisco on bass, the band rises up through the steam in a pulp comic alleyway to deliver the soundtrack of a forgotten life. This is a renegade band of film composers who found a synthesizer and fell in love. Their theatrical live shows convey the images that will haunt your mind as you listen to the CD in the car as you drive along a highway with no one else in sight. Formed in 2005 by shear fate, the band counts among it's influences such diverse genres as 80s New Wave, Brit Rock, Opera, classical and film scores such as those by Danny Elfman. Their LA haunts include The Gig, The Roxy, Safari Sam's, The Lava Lounge and The Dragonfly. The debut album, an ambitious double album called Secrets, sold out within three months of it's release and is now in it's second printing. Now, in their new release of 2008 'Neverworld' The Divine Madness has enlisted the musical talents of Germany based producer, Spok. Legends Steven Severin (Siouxsie and the Banshees) and Jon Astley (The Who, Tori Amos) have been supporters of this new album as well following the success of 'Secrets'. Their songs appear in nearly a dozen films including Dragon, Frankenstein Reborn, and Valley of Angels. Music Videos from the band can be found in the special features of the DVDs for the films Transmorphers, Dracula's Curse and The Hitchhiker. Along with the orchestral soundtrack to Transmorphers that the band composed, Mazze scored the documentary film "Epicenter" that deals with the middle east crisis and appeared on PBS. Recently, The Divine Madness were selected as one of the TOP Music artists to be showcased at the Temecula Valley International Film and Music Festival. They began lending their music to the multi-million dollar Tokyo Pop web series, Bizenghast. An article on Victoria Mazze appeared in Italian Maxim and she was voted one of the sexiest online celebrities. Their MySpace page boasts over 130,000 fans with over 1,300 plays and visits a day. They consistently appear in the Top Gothic and New Wave artists worldwide. They recently played a sold out show at the Roxy. The Divine Madness were Grand Finalists in the MTV2 LA Battle Projekt contest, coming in first place in the online voting with over 310,000 votes. The judges of this competition included three members of Linkin Park and an A and R representative for Atlantic Records. If you want the chance to catch the Madness on their way up, but don't live in the LA area, fear not. In addition to their wonderful albums & merch, they are considering a west coast tour...if you give them suggestions as to where to stop. If you want a show in your hometown, visit their MySpace page and "Demand It".

1.1 Alive
1.2 Perfect Methods
1.3 Ecstasy
1.4 Faith
1.5 Silent Is Love
1.6 Villains
1.7 The Unknown
1.8 Ends of the Earth
1.9 Darkest Night
1.10 Break Apart
1.11 Medicine
1.12 Time
1.13 Vampire

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