The Dixie Dregs

The Dixie Dregs: What If

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Dixie Dregs

Title: What If
Label: Capricorn / Umgd

With the release of the 1st Allman Brothers Band album, Capricorn went on record in support of improvisational playing at it's best; when they signed The Dixie Dregs, they continued that support. The Dregs' 2nd Capricorn release features the superb playing of Steve Morse (guitar), Andy West (bass), Rod Morgenstern (drums), Mark Parrish (keyboards) and Allen Sloan (strings). This reissue features great re-mastering and packaging authentic to the original LP release.

1.1 Take It Off the Top
1.2 Odyssey
1.3 What If
1.4 Travel Tunes
1.5 Ice Cakes
1.6 Little Kids
1.7 Gina Lola Breakdown
1.8 Night Meets Light

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