The Dockery Boys

The Dockery Boys: Moondog Man

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Product Type: CD

Title: Moondog Man
Label: CD Baby

By combining solid, guitar driven rhythms with fiddle, mandolin and accordion The Dockery Boys deliver a potent, addictive brew of rock-pop and American roots music. And if you're still undecided, this is what the music press is saying. '...a creative and vibrant fusing of rock and roots music. Never afraid to add pop immediacy to the mix, lay on the blues, Cajun or Celtic flavourings, everything they do on Moondog Man brims with a quality and professionalism that sets them apart from so many acts ...Their assured melodic delivery and ability to constantly impress marks them down as an act who can really offer the goods that would lift them into major league status. Why they're still on their own label is a mystery, when lesser talents are courted and signed by the majors. Wholeheartedly recommended. ' - (Rock 'n' Reel Magazine) 'The songs are strong, frontman Mark is in fine voice and the music drives along with rather more rock than roots...This excellently produced first CD should, if there is any justice, elevate them...' - (Rob Scrase, Folkwrite Magazine) You've listened to the tracks, read the reviews - what are you waiting for? Get that credit card out and go for it!

1.1 Linda Jones
1.2 Chrome Gods
1.3 Free from the Cage
1.4 S.E.X. And L.O.V.E
1.5 The Right Way
1.6 The Brig
1.7 Moondog Man
1.8 Retro Hetero
1.9 Working for the Weekend
1.10 Zydecajun Cowboy
1.11 Color Me Gone
1.12 America

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