The Doxies

The Doxies: In Search of

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Doxies

Title: In Search of
Label: CD Baby

In Search of... The latest studio release from Columbia, Missouri's The Doxies has 11 rich tracks based on solid cornerstones of altcountry, vintage garage rock, and British Invasion era, Kinks-style Brit Pop. The album features hook laden songs with catchy melodies and lush harmonies. These wonderful pop sensibilities are juxtaposed by head nodding scorchers with enough guitar riffs and licks to milk a goat. '(The Doxies) open up a rift in time and space when college radio was the only true form of Alternative.' -Miles of Music 'The Doxies In Search of... has hooks at every turn. Inevitable reference makers might cite The Replacements, Petty, or The Band. Or not. Regardless of the echoes of the past, the present dictates the future. Continue your search with The Doxies.' - Jeff Sweatman, KBXR 'The Doxies has evolved from Uncle Tupelo's lost little brother to it's own wrecking machine, conjuring The Kinks, Wilco, and Neil Young. (In search of) is a veritable and authentic amalgamation of classic rock, indie-country, and Americana.' -Lindsey Spratt, Urban Pollution.

1.1 Goat
1.2 Everyonce in a While
1.3 Touch and Go
1.4 Ghost
1.5 Radio
1.6 Damn Shame
1.7 Golden Age
1.8 War Against the Future
1.9 Take You Anywhere
1.10 On Your Honor
1.11 All These Years

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