The Dream Flags

The Dream Flags: Fear & Liberation

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Dream Flags

Title: Fear & Liberation
Label: CD Baby

The Dream Flags debut album, Fear and Liberation, takes the listener on a musical journey through rock and pop songs interlaced with instrumental passages. The songs range from the spiritual, philisophical, and romantic to the political and ecological. From the gorgeous balladry of 'Love's a Strange Thing', the quasi-doowop of 'Betty Baby', and the rockabilly tinged 'Roof of the World', to the dharma rock of ' Little Green Iguana', the fiery riff-rock of 'Fascist Gun in the West', and the fierce but funny 'Earth Strikes Back', this is an eclectic and engaging collection of songs.

1.1 Intro/ Dream Flags
1.2 Stone Windows
1.3 The Irish Song
1.4 Love's a Strange Thing
1.5 Green Iguana
1.6 Aliens Over India
1.7 Segue to Fascist
1.8 Fascist Gun in the West
1.9 Betty Baby
1.10 Downtown Rodeo
1.11 Roof of the World
1.12 Earth Strikes Back
1.13 Live Life

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