The Drowners

The Drowners: Drowners

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Drowners

Artist: The Drowners
Title: Drowners
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. 2014 debut from the New York-based Alt-Rock band. New York's signature up-all-night energy courses through the album, but there's a sweet melancholy to the album as well. In his down time, frontman Matthew Hitt began writing songs that reflected this renewed interest in angular, compressed rock and roll. The group wanted to present something slightly different, says Hitt. 'Our live shows are a lot more aggressive,' he adds, 'With the album, we wanted to create like a sort of layered, fleshed out live show.' the result is an album that's equal parts playfulness and disquietude, toeing the line between music that sweeps the listener up, and lyrics that beg for their deep sensitivity and understanding.

1.1 Ways to Phrase a Rejection
1.2 Long Hair
1.3 Luv, Hold Me Down
1.4 Watch You Change
1.5 You've Got It All Wrong
1.6 Unzip Your Harrington
1.7 Pure Pleasure
1.8 Bar Chat
1.9 A Button on Your Blouse
1.10 Let Me Finish
1.11 Well, People Will Talk
1.12 A Shell Across the Tongue

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