Drowners: Muted to a Whisper

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Drowners

Title: Muted to a Whisper
Label: CD Baby

'The Drowners are among the best of the bunch from Sweden, their new CD, Muted To a Whisper, is filled to the brim with in your face power pop and their version of While My Guitar Gently Weeps outshines the original, believe it or not!'...International Pop Overthrow Festival Ladies and Gentlemen - Introducing The Drowners...from Listening-Post Music. For those of you who haven't heard of The Drowners before, 'Muted to a Whisper' is their fourth album in 6 years. The first two, 'Destroyer' (1996) and 'World Record Player' (1997), were released through A West Side Fabrication in Sweden. 'Is There Something On Your Mind?' (2000) was recorded in LA with producer Matt Hyde for Wind-up Records in New York. Now, let's talk about the new CD, Muted To A Whisper, on Listening-Post Music. The Drowners started playing acoustic shows at parties just for fun in 2000 and the response was amazing. It sounded really cool to do these full on rock songs acoustically with a raw attitude. Later when demos for the new album were recorded, it ended up sounding like loud drums, distorted guitars and screaming vocals. Nothing wrong with that, but the feel of the acoustic live shows which were so exciting, was gone! So The Drowners decided to start over again and do the record with acoustic guitars primarily, using the electric guitars for effect when they had the most impact. The album was recorded in The Drowners' own studio The Upstairs Room. Finished recordings were given to Kjell Nästén at Rumble Road Studio for mixing. Kjell does amazing mixes and he has worked with bands like Sahara Hotnights, The Wannadies and Fireside to name a few. Stand out songs on the CD include: Jennifer Stuck In Those Positions Best Of Beginnings On The Radio Lupinne While My Guitar Gently Weeps For the US release of Muted To A Whisper, we decided to include two videos on the CD, not available on the Swedish CD, namely Best of Beginnings and Lupinne. The Drowners have had a long history of having their music used in both movies and TV as you can see from the list below and have fashioned their videos to reflect their knowledge of the visual medium. TV: Providence - 2000 (NBC)...MTV Road Rules - 2000 (MTV)...Just Deal x3 - 2001 (NBC) Movies: Välkommen Till Festen - 1997 (SF): Down To You - 2000 (Miramax): Boys & Girls - 2000 (Miramax): Beck Hämndens Pris - 2000 (Egmont)...........Hundtricket - 2002 (Omegafilm) Listening-Post Music has licensed Muted To A Whisper, in both the US and Canada, from Morphine Lane Records. It's run by Johan Nilsson (This Perfect Day) and Michael Lohse (Atomic Swing, The Kooks). Also check out the Drowner's other CD - World Record Player PLUS their brand new CD - Cease To Be - just released! Enjoy The Drowners!

1.1 Stuck in Those Positions
1.2 Jennifer
1.3 Big Shape Up
1.4 On the Radio
1.5 Best of Beginnings
1.6 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
1.7 I Shut My Eyes
1.8 Die Hard Fan
1.9 Permanent Five
1.10 Anyone's Girl
1.11 Lupinne

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