The Duckworth Lewis Method

The Duckworth Lewis Method: Duckworth Lewis Method

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Title: Duckworth Lewis Method
Label: Edge J26181

2009 debut album from this UK duo featuring the Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon. Written by Duckworth (Thomas Walsh) and Lewis (Neil Hannon/Divine Comedy) the album was recorded and mixed in Dublin and mastered just down the road from Lord's in Abbey Road Studios. All the songs are either loosely or tightly connected to the beautiful game of cricket, there are no covers, extra covers or cover drives for that matter. These are all wonderfully crafted pop songs for cricket lovers and non-lovers equally to enjoy. The Duckworth Lewis Method is an album steeped in the love of cricket and pop. The resultant twelve songs are a cacophony of leather and willow turning through a cosmos of searing melodies and all round tunes.

1.1 The Coin Toss
1.2 The Age of Revolution
1.3 Gentlemen and Players
1.4 The Sweet Spot
1.5 Jiggery Pokery
1.6 Mason on the Boundary Feat. Matt Berry
1.7 Rain Stops Play
1.8 Meeting Mr Miandad
1.9 The Nightwatchman
1.10 Flatten the Hay
1.11 Test Match Special
1.12 The End of the Over

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