The Duke Spirit

The Duke Spirit: Sky Is Mine

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Artist: The Duke Spirit

Artist: The Duke Spirit
Title: Sky Is Mine
Product Type: VINYL LP

White vinyl. Following on from last year's acclaimed album KIN, The Duke Spirit bring Sky Is Mine. Big indie-rock with solid abrasive guitars and distinct vocals. On Sky Is Mine each song approaches, revises, steps back and looks for humanity on a planetary scale. From the shimmering melodies and prodigious power of tracks like 'Magenta' and 'See Power' to the energy-fuelled psychedelic rock of 'Houses' and 'Yoyo', the album flows with a dark, beguiling grandeur with the majestic allure of Liela Moss' crystal vocals. Sky Is Mine looks at harm, control and lack of love but burns through it to find the essential human heart.

1.1 Magenta
1.2 Bones of Proof
1.3 See Power
1.4 In Breath
1.5 Houses
1.6 How Could, How Come
1.7 Yoyo
1.8 The Contaminant
1.9 Broken Dream

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