The Eccentronic Research Council

The Eccentronic Research Council: Johnny Rocket Narcissist & Music Machine

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Product Type: CD

Title: Johnny Rocket Narcissist & Music Machine
Label: Without Consent

1.1 Welcome to Valhalla Dale
1.2 The John That Fell to Earth
1.3 I Am Mearly a Flute Lament in the Mind of a Nuisance
1.4 Introducing the Moonlandingz (The Audience on Trail)
1.5 The Cooper Effect
1.6 Ingratiate ; Creep ; Other Ignorable E-Mithers
1.7 Sweet Saturn Mine
1.8 Internet Spreads Whilst Wiki Leaks/Real Nite Clubbing
1.9 Johnny's Spirit Guide Did Not Send for You
1.10 I Am Your Only Fan/Psyche Ersatz
1.11 Off the Cloth Moth - Swat
1.12 Mental Illness in Art, As Explained By An Amateur Psychologist, Sponsored By Google
1.13 Claptrap Dreams
1.14 You Ruined My Chippy Thursday (Should of Gone to Codropenia)
1.15 Time Out (Excellent News)
1.16 If You Want to Worship - Go to a Church
1.17 I Spy on J. Rocket ; Other Lame Attempts at Leaving Him Alone
1.18 Excuses, Tall Tales or Both? (You Decide)
1.19 Man in Me Lyfe/She Won't Settle Down (Nightmare Version)
1.20 The Ignorance of Johnny Rocket ; the Day the Witch Died
1.21 The Bus from Hell - One Bird - One Stone
1.22 Lay Your Head Down on the Road (J.R's Ghost at Riverside Mix)

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