The Electracons

The Electracons: Hand Buzzer

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Product Type: CD
Artist: The Electracons

Title: Hand Buzzer
Label: CD Baby

The Electracons came to be in the late 1980\'s with three musicians looking to create a unique version of rock n\' roll music. Bruce Williamson on guitar and vocals, George Stabile on drums and Jeff Pierce on bass guitar and vocals crafted an original pop-rock sound with dynamic tune-crafting, authentic instrumentation and a world view from off-center perspectives. With \'Crazy Uncle\' vocals, hot, melodic, guitar work, pulsing bass and edgy drums, the Electracons jump in and out of quick energetic songs with themes from more than a century and a half combined, of life in America. Early influences include the Ventures, the Yardbirds, the Stones, Cream, the Who, Santana and Zappa, which explains the broad palette of musical choices. Each band member paid his dues playing in pick-up bands in the 1960\'s, bar bands in the 1970\'s and a variety of eclectic projects into the 1980\'s. With that foundation, these three musicians came together and made a commitment to keep the best from what they loved to hear and take pop-rock in a unique direction with sarcastic storylines about the pains of adolescence and unrequited loves, to the ironic scenes of modern society. Their songs establish a gritty groove with quirky storylines on top of sometimes melodic, sometimes sledgehammer passages. The hooks are words and the tasteful guitar lines that lurk beneath the surface then burst into powerful punctuations of after-chorus fireworks. This is fun music that leaves you with a grin on your face and ants in your pants. The Electracons move from hard rock to psychedelia and back to pop and country styles in the space of three minute episodes, which become an intense collection of rock n\' roll short stories.

1.1 Silly Grin
1.2 Felonious Hub Bub
1.3 Winds of Desire
1.4 Blue Bike
1.5 Bugman Concerto
1.6 Hungry Boy
1.7 Whippersnapper
1.8 LI Ty Wu
1.9 Government Cheese
1.10 Open Sesame
1.11 Smitten By the Jitters
1.12 Too Too Attached

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