The Electras

The Electras: John Kerry & the Electras

$11.16 $12.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: The Electras

Title: John Kerry & the Electras
Label: CD Baby

In 1961, former Presidential candidate John Kerry was part of a prep school band called The Electras. They pressed 500 copies of a 'vanity' album, and 40 years later, the album was rediscovered. This is the authentic reissue, with original artwork and liner notes, as well as a photo of the young men who made up the band. Copies of the original have sold for more than $2,500. The reissue is a limited edition as well, and is destined to become a collector's item in it's own right!

1.1 Guitar Boogie Shuffle
1.2 Three Blind Mice
1.3 You Can't Sit Down
1.4 Greenfields
1.5 Shanghaied
1.6 Summmertime Blues
1.7 Bulldog
1.8 Ya Ya
1.9 Sleepwalk
1.10 Electra
1.11 Because They're Young
1.12 Torquay
1.13 Yellow Jacket

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