The Ericksons

The Ericksons: Bring Me Home

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Artist: The Ericksons

Artist: The Ericksons
Title: Bring Me Home

The Ericksons are sisters Bethany Valentini and Jenny Kapernick, who grew up speaking each others' thoughts, knowing each others' hearts. But their name and sound had grown out of the pain of loss - losing their father as teenagers, losing Bethany's first husband, Lee Erickson, to cancer in 2006. Their music has been the telling of that life journey, out of darkness to find light unimagined. Their new album, Bring Me Home, is the best and brightest yet, an evocation of the love of family. These songs express what the two sisters embody: joy, survival, heart and ethereal beauty. Valentini and Kapernick enlisted long time collaborator, Beau Sorenson (Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Mould) to record Bring Me Home in the familiar Wisconsin woods of Justin Vernon's studio, April Base. The sisters were also joined by co- producer/musician Sean Carey (S.Carey, Bon Iver), musicians Ben Lester (S.Carey, Field Report), Shane Leonard (Field Report), and Michael Lewis (Bon Iver, Alpha Consumer). With this group of highly skilled and sensitive people assembled, the Ericksons were free to make Bring Me Home sound exactly as it should. Ranging from the first single, electro-pop anthem "My Love" to the dark interiors of the Carey-Kapernick duet "Borderline," no emotional stone is left unturned on Bring Me Home. From the naked proclamation of the title track, "I am sorry for all that I've done, I am humbled by the sun" to the poetic prowess of "Go On," Bring Me Home is clear proof of the vulnerability, courage and artistry of these two women, and the journey we all share as we seek brighter, better days.

1.1 My Love
1.2 Go on
1.3 Animal
1.4 Bring Me Home
1.5 Borderline
1.6 Baby Tell Me
1.7 Love Song
1.8 Simple As This

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