The Exploited

The Exploited: Beat the Bastards (Special Edition)

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Artist: The Exploited

Artist: The Exploited
Title: Beat the Bastards (Special Edition)
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited double 140gm vinyl LP pressing of this live release from the veteran Punk band. This live set was recorded (and filmed) in 2005.

1.1 Beat the B*Stards
1.2 Affected By Them
1.3 Don't Blame Me
1.4 Law for the Rich
1.5 System F*Cked Up
1.6 They Lie
1.7 If You're Sad
1.8 Fightback
1.9 Massacre of Innocents
1.10 Police TV
1.11 Sea of Blood
1.12 Fifteen Years
1.13 Serial Killer
1.14 Let's Start a War
1.15 The Massacre
1.16 Dogs of War
1.17 Noize Annoys
1.18 UK 82
1.19 Lie to Me
1.20 Dead Cities
1.21 Chaos Is My Life

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