The Exploited: Punks Not Dead

The Exploited: Punks Not Dead
Title: Punks Not Dead
Label: Plastic Head America
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited double 140gm clear vinyl LP pressing including bonus tracks. Punks Not Dead is the debut studio album by the Punk Rock band The Exploited, originally released in 1981.

1.1 Punk's Not Dead
1.2 Mucky Pup
1.3 Cop Cars
1.4 Free Flight
1.5 Army Life (Part 2)
1.6 Blown to Bits
1.7 Sex ; Violence
1.8 SPG
1.9 Royalty
1.10 Dole Q
1.11 Exploited Barmy Army
1.12 Ripper
1.13 Out of Control
1.14 Son of a Copper
1.15 I Believe in Anarchy
1.16 Daily News (Oi! the Album)
1.17 I Still Believe in Anarchy (Oi! the Album)
1.18 Army Life (Single)
1.19 Fuck the Mods
1.20 Crashed Out
1.21 Exploited Barmy Army (Single)
1.22 What You Gonna Do
1.23 Dogs of War
1.24 Blown to Bits (Live)
1.25 Dead Cities
1.26 Hitler's in the Charts Again
1.27 Class War

The Exploited: Punks Not Dead

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